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Regal Icons
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r e g a l _ i c o n s
Welcome to regal_icons! Here you can find many multicolored, square-shaped pictures that can be used to impress people decorate your journal. If you're looking for Final Fantasy IX icons, this is definately a good place to get some. But I make a lot of other icons too, mainly from fantasy movies, video games and certain animes.

r u l e s
[x] No taking without credit. I'm aware that my icons aren't the greatest, but I did work hard on them. regal_icons in the keywords will do.
[x] Comment if you can get a general idea of how popular certain ones are, if anyone's dropping by at all, and who's taking them.
[x] Please don't modify them without permission, and do not pretend to have made any of them.

l a y o u t
This layout features Garnet of FFIX. It is the third version of this journal thus far, and was made in Photoshop 7.0, using brushes from The Fifth Muse. Best viewed in Internet Explorer.

a w a r d s
Can all be found here.

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[x] http://www.livejournal.com/users/regal_icons/

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